Coupa Integration
Published Jul 24 2019 Add to Digital Assistant

Coupa integration

Submit and manage expense reports in seconds

Digital Assistant is the easiest way to manage many business applications. Tracking expenses, invoices and receipts is easier than ever with the Coupa integration for Digital Assistant, designed to save you valuable time in your day.

Creating new expense reports is as simple as asking your Digital Assistant to create a new report. Speak or type to your Assistant to add items to your report, then send it off with the click of a button - all without having to break your workflow.

Digital Assistant's Coupa integration can notify you when expense reports are due, but also make it simple for managers to keep on top of approvals and budgets. Digital Assistant sends actionable notifications, so you can approve or deny an expense report directly from a Card - even if you're in a Microsoft Teams meeting or on your daily commute.

Supports SSO Supports real-time notifications
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