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Our Card-based UX is a modern approach to manage content across Digital Assistant. Users see key information at a glance, and can freely arrange Cards on their Board. Cards are also a great way to show information from one source side-by-side with other sources for more clarity.

Flexible layouts

Cards use a modern flexbox layout that can be customized to suit the use case of the Card, for example by showing charts, avatars, forms, rich media or buttons. Making previously disjointed tasks more seamless and simpler with Cards is part of a modern Digital Workplace approach that mimics design principles popular with consumer apps.

Flexible Card layouts

Explore how versatile Cards can be

Card management

Manage Cards

Organizations quickly amass dozens of Cards for each user despite defining broader audiences and permissions. So users have the possibility to refine which Cards and Notifications they see from their Manage Cards screen. Some Cards are enabled by default and the user can unsubscribe, while others can be made mandatory by the organization.

Compatible with chat platforms

Digital Assistant seamlessly transforms Card layouts into other layouts used within Channels, for example Adaptive Card for MS Teams, APL for Alexa, Block Kit for Slack, etc. This way you only need to configure a Card once, and can deploy it across all channels.

Adaptive Cards
Embed Cards in your Intranet


Cards can be shown anywhere outside of the Assistant, too. For example in your Intranet or SharePoint, within Enterprise Search results, in mobile apps or any other browser based application. This makes Cards a portable service you can implement anywhere where it is needed.

IntegrationsCustom integrations

You can connect Digital Assistant to dozens of integrations out-of-the-box but you are not limited to those as virtually any API can easily be integrated into the Assistant and used to show Cards, charts or forms to users. Digital Assistant can either transform incoming Webhooks into Cards or can directly display custom Cards where the API connector is made with Postman.

User interactionActionable

90% of the time when you look at a piece of information you do the same thing with it: Leads frequently get sorted into a qualification stage, requests get frequently approved, messages frequently responded to. So with Digital Assistant the action you do frequently can be directly shown on the Card, reducing the cognitive load for the user and taking unnecessary clicks out of their workflows.


You can use chart.js to visualize incoming data with various line, bar or pie charts. Each data set in the chart can be interactively disabled by the user. On Channels without HTML support, the Assistant first generates an image of the chart and then sends that.

Some features are not available on all plans, please see the Pricing page for more info.