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Digital Workplace

As a modern take on the infamous Intranet portal, Digital Assistant is designed from the ground up to be an extensible integration platform and suitable building block for a Digital Workplace for organizations of any size or industry.

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Main Features

Personalized boardPersonalized Board

As a counterweight to static corporate homepages, users can create their own personalized Board where they can pin their Cards, rearrange them and always see their latest tickets, tasks and issues at a glance.

ApprovalsManage Approvals centrally

Many applications offer workflows and approvals which can sometimes be hard for users to navigate. In Digital Assistant all approvals are managed the same, offering an easy to follow pattern with Approve / Deny buttons, detailed view and direct link to the source system.

Submit to any sourceSubmit requests to any source

You can push form submissions and start requests with any connected source system to let users easily fill out PTO requests, Helpdesk cases, book training classes or log a customer interaction.

EmbeddableEmbed into your Intranet

Even though Digital Assistant has a great standalone web app, we also want it to be easily accessible from within other places users visit frequently. Therefore you can embed Cards, your entire Board and Notifications or the chatbot webchat directly into SharePoint or any other website you control.

Embed Digital Assistant into your Digital Workplace

SharePoint Online

SharePoint Workplace Embed

As a wide-spread and flexible platform SharePoint is ideal to be extended with Digital Assistant components.


Enterprise Search Embed

Just like Google’s rich results cards, you can enrich existing Enterprise Search result pages with results returned by the Assistant API.

Some features are not available on all plans, please see the Pricing page for more info.