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Workplace FOMO is when you constantly check your inbox, answer every chat and jump between your apps to avoid missing a critical customer question, mail from your manager or urgent request. But this changes with Digital Assistant who collects everything you need to know into one convenient stream of notifications.

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Main Features

Aggregated notificationsSmart aggregation

When you get 4 new Helpdesk tickets, we just send you one quick snippet letting you know what the latest item, allowing you to open a detailed list at your own time.

Real-time notificationsReal-time

Most sources allow us to show you notifications in real-time so you get the information as quickly as the source itself knows.

System notificationsSystem notifications

Through our Chrome extension we can display notifications on Macs, PCs and Androids natively like you would receive any other notification, making the Assistant an integral part to stay in touch with your data.

SubscriptionsManage subscriptions

If you get notifications from a specific source often you can pin that respective Card directly to your Board, conversely if you’re not interested in getting instant updates from a source simply unsubscribe.

Some features are not available on all plans, please see the Pricing page for more info.