LMS365 integration

LMS365 integration

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Unlock seamless learning management with the LMS365 app for adenin. This integration delivers real-time course updates, learning path progress, and training notifications right to your adenin dashboard. Geared towards front-end developers looking to upscale their skills or manage team training, this adaptive card is your on-the-go learning hub.


  • Courses & progress at a glance: View your enrolled courses, upcoming deadlines, and completion status, all directly from your adenin dashboard.
  • Low-code personalization: Utilize adenin's low-code designer to customize your LMS365 experience. Filter courses, training modules, or deadlines based on your learning needs.
  • Real-time alerts: Stay informed with instant notifications for course updates, new assignments, or approaching deadlines, allowing you to prioritize your learning activities.
  • API connectivity: Integrate deeper with LMS365 via API endpoints, enabling you to pull in specific course details or analytics.
  • Team training overview: If you're a team leader, easily monitor the training progress of your team members, helping to guide their professional development.

Adaptive Cards for LMS365

It's easy to make your own LMS365 Cards with live data from the API.

Travel Request Card from Concur Travel Request Card from Concur
Business travel request Card Business travel request Card
User profile block
Image block Image block

Once you connect the LMS365 API to your adenin account, a Card with your desired data will be generated and added to your dashboard.

Making changes to this Card's layout is easy with our low-code Adaptive Card designer. Simply click on the ··· button and then Edit in Designer.

It's incredibly developer-friendly and lets you drag-and-drop new elements into your design, or adjust the visual properties by selecting any element from the preview area.

Available data sources

The LMS365 API provides these 100 endpoints:

Reports_LearnerIndividualCost LMS365 integration
WebHooks_GetFilters LMS365 integration
Gets all registered WebHooks for a given user. LMS365 integration
Looks up a registered WebHooks with the given {id} for a given user. LMS365 integration
(Obsolete) Returns the list of Apps LMS365 integration
(Obsolete) Returns the App by Id LMS365 integration
Returns the list of Assessments LMS365 integration
Returns the Assessment by Id LMS365 integration
Returns the list of Assignments LMS365 integration
Returns the Assignment by Id LMS365 integration
Returns the content (picture) of Certificate LMS365 integration
Returns the list of Certificates owned by current user LMS365 integration
Returns Certificate by Id LMS365 integration
Returns the list of Certificates for subordinates of user LMS365 integration
Check if course url is available LMS365 integration
Returns the list of Certificate Templates LMS365 integration
Returns the Certificate Template by Id LMS365 integration
Returns all competencies (skills) LMS365 integration

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