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Zendesk and Personal dashboard integration

Easily show your live Zendesk data inside Personal dashboard

Get a personal dashboard for your Zendesk data that can be easily modified to suit your needs

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Your Zendesk data is now securely showing in Personal dashboard

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Adaptive Cards for Zendesk: Keep your finger on the pulse by adding Adaptive Cards integrated with your Zendesk data to your team's dashboard. With this seamless combination of adenin and Zendesk, managing your customer support tickets has never been easier!

  • Work Smarter, Not Harder: Quit juggling multiple apps or browser tabs. See all your Zendesk data right from your team dashboard, without switching context.
  • For Managers: Get an eagle-eyed view of your team's performance with realtime Zendesk data. Ensure optimal customer satisfaction by tracking tickets and response times.
  • Adaptive Card Designer: Enjoy the freedom to customize how your data is displayed. With adenin’s built-in Adaptive Card designer, you're in control.
  • Notifications: Stay updated with instant notifications. No more missing important tickets or updates from your team.

So, why wait? Start working smarter with adenin today. Get started with your free account and redefine the way you manage customer support with Zendesk.

Connect Zendesk to Personal dashboard now

About adenin’s Personal dashboard channel

Just like your favourite workplace applications, adeninʼs own personal dashboard is yet another choice of where you can store your Adaptive Cards. Our own dashboard is a React component that renders all your Adaptive Cards, and with simple drag-and-drop you... Read more

Alternative dashboard to Personal dashboard

Frequently asked questions about Personal dashboard Zendesk integration (FAQ)

What data sources are available for Zendesk?

Zendesk provides a total of 132 data sources. See the first 16 below.

Zendesk integration
All tickets
See tickets from your Zendesk account
Zendesk integration
Create Ticket
Create a new ticket for your Zendesk account
Zendesk integration
My tickets
See tickets assigned to you from your Zendesk account
Zendesk integration
Check Host Mapping Validity for an Existing Brand
Returns a JSON object determining whether a host mapping is valid for the given brand. #### Allowed for - Admins
Zendesk integration
Count Activities
Returns an approximate count of ticket activities in the last 30 days affecting the agent making the request. If the count exceeds 100,000, the count
Zendesk integration
Count Deleted Users
Returns an approximate count of deleted users, including permanently deleted users. If the count exceeds 100,000, it is updated every 24 hours. The r
Zendesk integration
Count Groups
Returns an approximate count of groups. If the count exceeds 100,000, it is updated every 24 hours. The `refreshed_at` property of the `count` object
Zendesk integration
Count Satisfaction Ratings
Returns an approximate count of satisfaction ratings in the account. If the count exceeds 100,000, the count will return a cached result. This cached
Zendesk integration
Count Tags
Returns an approximate count of tags. If the count exceeds 100,000, it is updated every 24 hours. The `refreshed_at` property of the `count` object i
Zendesk integration
Count Ticket Comments
Returns an approximate count of the comments added to the ticket. If the count exceeds 100,000, the count will return a cached result. This cached re
Zendesk integration
Count Ticket Fields
Returns an approximate count of system and custom ticket fields in the account. If the count exceeds 100,000, the count will return a cached result.
Zendesk integration
Count Tickets
Returns an approximate count of tickets in the account. If the count exceeds 100,000, it is updated every 24 hours. `ccd` lists tickets that the spec
Zendesk integration
Count Tickets in View
Returns the ticket count for a single view. This endpoint is rate limited to 5 requests per minute, per view, per agent. #### View Counts The view
Zendesk integration
Count Tickets in Views
Returns the ticket count of each view in a list of views. Accepts up to 20 view ids per request. For the ticket count of a single view, see [Count Tic
Zendesk integration
Count Users
Returns an approximate count of users. If the count exceeds 100,000, it is updated every 24 hours. The response includes a `refreshed_at` property in
Zendesk integration
Count Views
Returns an approximate count of shared and personal views available to the current user. If the count exceeds 100,000, the count will return a cached

To see the other 116 data sources, go to the main Zendesk listing in the App Directory.

Is the Personal dashboard integration free?

Yes, Personal dashboard is one of the channels built-in into adenin, a platform that integrates all kinds of work apps into a personal dashboard as well as your other work applications, such as intranets or chatbots. Bear in mind that, even though channels such as Personal dashboard are free, the use of adenin (including using data from Zendesk) incurs usage charges according to your plan. See the pricing page for details →

Who is the Personal dashboard integration for?

adenin’s Personal dashboard connector is a popular choice for Customer Service, IT and Sales teams at small to large organizations. The data sources that are built into Zendesk (see above) are incredibly simple to integrate into Personal dashboard and don't require any technical know-how. The adenin platform completely handles authenticating with Zendesk and then loads your data into an Adaptive Card layout that, in turn, will be embedded into Personal dashboard.

Do I have to be a developer to use the Personal dashboard integration with Zendesk?

No, the integration is designed to help busy managers stay on top of their various workplace applications, where Zendesk is just one of many examples (see others). As such, we designed many tools that reduce the amount of coding expected of users: Starting with the Zendesk integration, which you can set up yourself in just a few, completely code-free, steps (see instructions).

Then with the built-in Card designer we automatically generate a layout from your Zendesk data. You could tweak this further in the low-code designer, either yourself if you have some HTML-related skills, or with a little help from us – just reach out to one of the team.

Lastly, there will be the Personal dashboard integration which is self-explanatory to install. Just check the installation instructions section for more details.

How does adenin ensure my Zendesk data is safely delivered to Personal dashboard?

We use the secure OAuth standard which means you authorize adenin accessing your Zendesk data and in turn authorize us to share this data with Personal dashboard. Both of these authorizations can be revoked by you at any point through the Linked accounts menu (requires user account). No data is ever stored on adenin servers, instead it is directly sent to the client (in this case Personal dashboard) who will treat it in accordance with their privacy policy. Please also check out our Privacy Policy for more details.

Install Zendesk integration for Personal dashboard

With adenin you can easily integrate any business app into Personal dashboard

  1. Click the Add button below

    adenin logoAdd Zendesk to adenin
  2. Either log in or create your free adenin account. Then you will be directed to your personal dashboard where the installation of your Zendesk integration will start.

  3. Follow the steps in the modal by clicking Next including selecting your data source, authorizing your Zendesk account and more attributes (if they are required).

    At the end click Finish and our built-in smart technology generates a Card with the live data it received from the Zendesk API.

    Image of Zendesk securely connecting with authorization from user
    Zendesk icon


  4. Your Card will now appear on your adenin dashboard.

  5. Modify or embed your Zendesk Adaptive Card from the ··· button in the top right-hand corner of your card:

    Click Edit in Designer to open the Card’s layout in the low-code Adaptive Card designer.

    By clicking Share you can see options for embedding your Card into intranet and chatbot channels. For example, your Zendesk works as a SharePoint web part, or with chatbots such as Microsoft Teams.

To begin, add the adenin’s Personal dashboard integration to your Personal dashboard account.

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adenin’s Personal dashboard integration isn't just limited to Helpdesk applications, such as Zendesk. Truly transform your Personal dashboard experience by simply browsing our App Directory for all your other work tools.

It’s like a personal homescreen where you can monitor everything with ease and from one central location.

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