Introducing Digital Assistant for Slack

We’re excited to announce that Digital Assistant for Slack is here – our latest integration with one of the most popular collaboration tools for enterprises of all sizes. With the enterprise chatbot platform Digital Assistant, you can access all of your enterprise information and systems, turn ideas into action, enhance your digital employee experience and interact with your favourite apps – all without having to leave Slack.

In modern enterprises, communication is everything; with more and more remote workers, apps like Slack have become fundamental to getting things done. So it makes sense that having access to the entirety of your enterprise data from Slack would make life a little easier and save a lot of wasted time and energy! It’s never been simpler to add another facet to your digital workplace strategy.

AI chatbot Now Assistant - Slack integration

With the Digital Assistant slack bot, you can access all of your most important information directly from your workspace, and even share it directly with team members – so you don’t have to stop your conversation to look something up or grab a link to a document.

Ask the enterprise chatbot a question and Digital Assistant will search across all your connected systems – including cloud apps like Office 365 and Salesforce, as well as on-premises software and databases like SharePoint, SAP, SQL Server or Oracle. Or let your smart work platform keep you up to date with intelligent updates as and when relevant changes are detected.

Improve your digital employee experience in two steps:

It’s as simple as that! Ask Digital Assistant anything – from customer information to what’s on your calendar, and Digital Assistant will respond directly into your Slack chat with what you need. You can even create requests from within Slack, so you can create helpdesk tickets then and there or book in your leave requests while chatting with your manager.

Digital Assistant for Slack is available now, and over the coming weeks we’ll be launching more integrations with your favourite enterprise tools - so you can make the most of your data and your time.

Ready to bring the future of work to your enterprise? Add the Digital Assistant Slack bot to your workspace or sign up for a free demo of Digital Assistant.

Digital Assistant - the mobile assistant for a mobile workforce
Work smarter, not harder with Digital Assistant, the AI-powered digital assistant. Are you ready to start your digital transformation journey?

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