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About adenin

adenin TECHNOLOGIES was founded in 1999 with the mission to create modern Intranet software that promotes productivity and empowers decision-makers in real-time by bringing many types of data together in one portal. Fast-forward to today and the business app landscape has vastly changed. Some trends have come and gone, while others have permanently changed our understanding of what it takes to bring sustainable productivity to users.

With over 15 years of experience in making Intranets, SharePoint customizations and designing information architectures we know a thing or two about creating progressive enterprise software. Today our products cater for the diverse needs of customers from all industries with employees ranging from 10 to 10,000.

Where we are home.

We feel privileged to bring you the most innovative business applications from the hearts of two cities that are their national champion for IT ingenuity, entrepreneurial spirit as well as historical significance. We are headquartered in Boston, MA and have an office in Newcastle, UK where our incredible team of app geniuses, engineers and developers love to craft, design, develop and ship the best app experiences organizations can buy.

Our European headquarter is in Nuremberg, Germany where we supply multi-lingual Support and Sales for the EMEA region.

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Where we are headed.

It’s an incredible achievement to see enterprises reach operational excellence using the tools we have crafted, but that has never stopped us from reflecting how we could develop software that is even more capable and more comprehensive at letting organizations achieve more and more useful things with the data they already have.

That is what drives us.

Our mission

The key to your company’s success doesn’t lie in more applications and more data, but in making better use of the data you already have. adenin makes enterprise software for progressive organizations that want to bundle data from across their organizations into a central architecture that offers the tools to surface relevant connections, personal information and AI-infused answers. adenin enables the data you have today to become the motor of your business success tomorrow.

We want to rewrite the rules of corporate IT.

Many organizations' IT departments are complex, rigid and unfit to adapt to the modern requirements of a Digital Workplace. This is by design as much of the software applications of the past two decades wasn't designed with openness in mind. But going forward adenin wants to provide organizations the necessary tools to make themselves independant from any one manufacturer to deliver capabable apps to their employees.

We think the future is bright. We think it shouldn't be hard to attach a SharePoint document to a Salesforce customer record. We think searching for an overdue invoice on your phone shouldn't be hard. We think requesting time off on your way to the airport shouldn't be hard. We think receiving any data that is relevant to you collected in a central stream shouldn't be hard. We think the future shouldn't be hard. Let's work to make it a reality.

We are technological leaders.

We have created an app platform that unifies data from multiple sources into the same app without having to migrate any data. Our Mobility Portal standardizes the process of creating apps for the enterprise, starting with the secure access to data and creating responsive design resusable HTML5 web apps with a Drag-and-Drop Designer. The server itself can be hosted on-premise or in the cloud. It's part of a new generation of enterprise software that doesn't add addtional layers of complexity, but rather helps reduce it and make data more personal, real-time and transparent to the user.

We have also created the award-winning app Now Assistant which is the world's first personal AI workplace Assistant. Now Assistant proactively delivers notifcations Cards to users whenever an update has been detected in their connected data. Users can also take action by clicking on Card actions, ask Now Assistant a question or give a command through voice, search or chat bot. The app thus aims to be the central and first port of call for anything the user needs and wants to know throughout their workday.