The benefits of a
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Your time is your most valuable asset

From managing workflows and approvals to keeping on top of your daily schedule, Digital Assistant helps you get more done in less time — so you can focus on what matters.

found that


of users are unable to access data and applications neither inside nor outside the office.


of users struggle logging into multiple applications, forgetting usernames or losing track of their data


of an employee's time is wasted daily looking for and consolidating information

On average, it takes over 3 minutes for a user to complete basic intranet tasks

3 minutes 1 minute

found that

1 in 10

knowledge workers are using 11 or more systems on a daily basis


Annual saving for a 70,000 user company that can unify access to Intranet, Service Desk, ERP and CRM

found that

10 out of 14 MADP vendors charge annual licenses in excess of $100k

$100k $50k

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Time is one of the great wastes that cost organizations productivity and jeopardizes their competitive advantage. Fill in your information to see how improving your digital employee experience could impact revenue.

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Potential annual revenue impact from saving 36% of time wasted looking for information

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Businesses succeed with Digital Assistant

Helping our customers succeed is at the heart of what we do. Digital Assistant makes proven, measurable benefits to businesses and their employees - from employee engagement to baseline revenue.

17% increase

in employee engagement

72% of new hires

felt happier about joining

15% increase

in work/life balance

$2750 saved per employee

in reduction of real estate

17% increase

in workplace satisfaction

Customer survey conducted by adenin TECHNOLOGIES, Jan 2019

How will Digital Assistant benefit
my organization?

Digital Assistant is a clean-sheet approach to tackling the problems modern digital workers face with the dozens of legacy solutions they are using on a daily basis.

Increase employee happiness

Improves employee happiness

With the easy-to-use Card UI users can focus on taking action and finding information quickly and on the go, from their mobile devices or even smart assistants like Alexa or Cortana. This flexibility reduces the time they need to spend at their desktop computers looking for and consolidating information.

Employees get frustrated when they need to visit multiple systems and juggle different logins and UIs just to complete a simple task. But Assistant Cards can be invoked by asking a simple question and have actions built right into them, which allow the user to read a document, start a request or make a decision without having to leave Digital Assistant.

Increase employee productivity with Digital Assistant

Increases employee productivity

With Digital Assistant users can search everything instantly, and let the AI figure out which data is new and relevant to them instead of spending time searching or opening dozens of emails. The actions built right into Assistant Cards help automate mundane tasks, as the employees can respond to relevant items without having to leave Digital Assistant.

Employees regularly spend a third of their time looking for and consolidating different pieces of information. Add to that the time they spend retrieving various logins to different applications. All this precious time is a wasted resource which they could put to more productive tasks, which in turn adds to a company’s bottom line.

Unify your enterprise data sources with Digital Assistant

Reduces data disenfranchisement

With the secure and easy-to-setup Integrations Digital Assistant can connect to dozens of enterprise sources, be they on-premises or in the cloud. Data gets integrated which avoids duplication while keeping security intact. For the user it, thus, becomes less and less obvious where a certain result, answer or Card originated from.

Organizations sometimes have more than 100 applications that all have their own databases, logins and UIs. There is probably no employee in any organization that knows them all, but with Digital Assistant you only have to securely connect them to Digital Assistant and assign audiences and all sources are immediately available in search or to build Cards with.

Lower your IT costs with Digital Assistant

Lowers IT costs

With Digital Assistant you don't need to upgrade older software, as data gets integrated directly into the platform, saving on the maintenance and upgrade costs of other enterprise apps. And you don't need to develop separate apps for different platforms and use-cases; you only need to create a Card once, then use it anywhere on any device.

Digital Assistant gives existing enterprise applications a second lease of life, as you can tie all their data securely into a uniform UI that is accessible easily on all devices where Digital Assistant itself works. And as it is using a secure integration architecture, it keeps existing security intact and there is no need for cumbersome migrations.

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