Webex Teams integration

Access your enterprise data in chats and Webex Teams meetings with the Digital Assistant chatbot

Cut down on distractions and empower your employees to focus on what's important with the Cisco Webex Teams integration from Digital Assistant. Your smart assistant works seamlessly with Webex Teams as a chatbot app. It's always available to answer questions, perform tasks and send real-time notifications.

The Digital Assistant Webex Teams integration is designed for enterprise use. Easily connect all of your cloud and on-premise corporate data sources, and create a single point of access to all your documents, information and apps. Then simply send a query or command to the Digital Assistant bot and watch it happen in real-time!

  • Ask Digital Assistant about your Webex Teams contacts, Webex meetings, files or your schedule and receive AI-powered answers as well as actionable alerts
  • Quickly access and share documents from across all your cloud storage apps - just request it through Digital Assistant
  • Get support in your meetings by answering queries and requests from any user

Ready to transform Webex Teams into a fully-featured collaboration tool, and give your organization a productivity boost? It's quick and easy to add the Digital Assistant Webex Teams app to your workplace. Get started today and see the difference Digital Assistant can make. 

Webex Teams integration

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