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adenin AI for business

adenin AI – Smart work automation

adenin AI creates a simple way to introduce the power of AI into your business. Your intelligent virtual assistant can help transform your enterprise application landscape into a progressive digital workplace.

Intelligent insights

adenin AI provides smart business insights within your cards, so you can make better decisions effortlessly.

Intelligent business insights with adenin AI and Digital Assistant

Take action instantly

Now Cards feature dynamic actionable commands, so you can complete relevant tasks faster than ever before.

AI for your Intelligent Business

adenin AI targets all the complex, yet tedious aspects of everyday work that slow you down. Get updates on things that matter as and when they happen, find the information and documents you need in seconds and manage workflows and approvals with ease. By making simple tasks quicker and easier, hours of valuable productivity are returned to your business.


  • Intelligent suggestions

    Receive real time search suggestions and contextual smart highlighting based on connected data sources.

  • Understands language

    Speak directly to your intelligent virtual assistant in any language, with any accent with built-in voice recognition.

  • Smart work automation

    Get real-time notifications direct from the application's API, with cards that show key information at a glance.


  • Get things done

    NLP technology recognizes the intent behind your requests, making finding and doing things easier than ever.

  • Boost productivity

    Let applications contact you with updates, and always stay connected and secure with Single Sign On support.

  • Workplace mobility

    Speak, type, or chat; whatever you're doing, wherever you are, Digital Assistant helps you stay productive.


  • Tailored to you

    Digital Assistant uses your job role, tasks, project memberships and more to show what's relevant to you.

  • Machine learning

    Digital Assistant uses machine learning to learn what you like, so you'll see more of the Cards you care about most.

  • Interconnected Data

    Freely combine and exchange data between applications, and create an intelligent data platform for your business.

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