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Google Calendar integration Google Calendar integration Digital Assistant logoAdd to Digital AssistantLast updated Jul 08 2020

Google Calendar integration

Get reminders for today's events in your Google Calendar with Digital Assistant. You get a timeline of your upcoming meetings for the day, along with their details, such as attendees, and see all-day events.

You also get a convenient one-click action to directly join online meetings.

The One click meeting start feature which is compatible with most common meeting software invites, makes it much faster to hop on a call compared to manually having to open the calendar event and sift through the event description to find the correct link.

Today's Meetings

See a timeline of your upcoming meetings for the day, including useful details such as attendees or duration. Online meeting links are directly shown as a one-click Join meeting button which adds convenience by letting you directly join your call.

What events are coming up in my Google calendar? When will my next Google meeting start ?

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