SharePoint integration

Documents, knowledge, workflows, forms and more - all of SharePoint, inside your Assistant

Includes both SharePoint Online as part of Office365's Graph API as well as the SharePoint 2016 on-premises version or newer.

Digital Assistant's SharePoint integration unlocks the documents, knowledge and information stored in your SharePoint intranet and makes them easy to find, share and work with. See company updates, find intranet content in search, display updates from subscribed to SharePoint sites and even access workflows and forms, all from within your Digital Assistant - on any device, at any time.

Digital Assistant's AI-powered search makes it easy to find whatever you need, across all of your business applications. Seamlessly integrate your SharePoint intranet into Digital Assistant to access your data from anywhere via the search, or choose to directly integrate SharePoint as a source for your knowledge base. You can then search all of Digital Assistant, or ask your AI chatbot questions to get instant responses pulled from the information stored in SharePoint.

If you use Sharepoint's workflow functionality, forms and workflows are also directly integrated into Digital Assistant. Ask your AI chatbot to 'start a new leave request', and Digital Assistant will provide a form for you - just as though you were in SharePoint. If you get an approval assigned to you, Digital Assistant will send you a notification with information and actionable buttons - so you can approve requests instantly, without breaking your flow.

You can also embed Digital Assistant into SharePoint.

Supports SSO Supports real-time notifications
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AI Trending Documents

Shows you AI-powered suggestions for documents you might find useful

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Receive company-wide announcements, news and alerts

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Annual Leave Status

See how much annual leave you have remaining.

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Manage all of your approval workflows in one place, in no time at all

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Shows you who has a birthday today or this week.

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See what options are available on today's menu.

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Shows you current and upcoming events such as work anniversaries

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Cloud Files

Search for and access documents across multiple cloud storage services

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Contact an Expert

Search, find and contact experts in a few clicks.

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Mark Your Calendar

See a summary of notable upcoming events from your calendar

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Meeting Room

See what meeting rooms are free and book them.

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My Documents

Quickly find and access your documents with Digital Assistant

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See what's new from a wide range of news sources.

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Occupational Safety

Get notifications about fire alarm tests and more

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Office Welcome

Greet first time visitors with key information and local knowledge

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Rental Car

Helps you book a rental car for business trips from approved providers

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Shows you updates on available and scheduled training classes as well as upcoming lessons.

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Travel Policy

See your company travel policies

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