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Zapier integration

Let hundreds of enterprise applications trigger notifications in Digital Assistant

With Zapier integration for Digital Assistant, you can connect the apps you use everyday to automate your work and be more productive.

Set up triggers between Digital Assistant and Zapier to carry out specific tasks in connected applications, letting you finish routine tasks automatically and saving you valuable time in your day.

Supports SSO Supports real-time notifications
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Budget Update

See how much of the quarter's budget is left.

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See key updates and alerts for sales meetings, goals, budgets and more

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Credit Control

See customers who are close to or have exceeded their credit limit.

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Deal Status

Shows you the status of current and pending customer deals.

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See alerts about fire drills, building maintenance and other facilities updates.

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See relevant financial updates pertaining to your role

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Goal Attainment

See how your current progress compares to your weekly, monthly and quarterly targets

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See and manage open Helpdesk cases, tickets and feedback

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Issues and Defects Tracker

At-a-glance information on open and assigned issues

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My Tasks

Stay organized and keep on top of your to-do lists - check off completed tasks add new ones in seconds

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See what's new from a wide range of news sources.

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Occupational Safety

Get notifications about fire alarm tests and more

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Shows you payroll information including due dates and totals

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Sales Leads

Get all Sales contacts in a single, real-time view

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Your Commute

See personalized real-time information about your commute

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