Asana integration

Asana integration

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Supercharge your adenin experience with the Asana integration which will help your team be more productive by always having their Asana data where they need it to be.

  • Search and filter your Asana account for events, goals, projects, tags, workspaces, jobs, task lists, portfolios, and more
  • Pin Adaptive Cards with your Asana data to your dashboard to quickly see your highest priority assigned tasks and at-a-glance overviews of a project's status and open them in Asana with one click
  • Receive notifications when one of your Asana Cards has any updates, ideal for easily monitoring your overall team's progress

Adaptive Cards for Asana

It's easy to make your own Asana Cards with live data from the API.

Travel Request Card from Concur Travel Request Card from Concur
Business travel request Card Business travel request Card
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Once you connect the Asana API to your adenin account, a Card with your desired data will be generated and added to your dashboard.

Making changes to this Card's layout is easy with our low-code Adaptive Card designer. Simply click on the ··· button and then Edit in Designer.

It's incredibly developer-friendly and lets you drag-and-drop new elements into your design, or adjust the visual properties by selecting any element from the preview area.

Available data sources

The Asana API provides these 83 endpoints:

Get an attachment Asana integration
Get attachments from an object Asana integration
Get audit log events Asana integration
Get a project's custom fields Asana integration
Get a portfolio's custom fields Asana integration
Get a custom field Asana integration
Get a workspace's custom fields Asana integration
Get events on a resource Asana integration
Get a goal relationship Asana integration
Get goal relationships Asana integration
Get a goal Asana integration
Get goals Asana integration
Get parent goals from a goal Asana integration
Get a job by id Asana integration
Get multiple memberships Asana integration
Get details on an org export request Asana integration
Get multiple portfolio memberships Asana integration
Get a portfolio membership Asana integration

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