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Asana integration

Get updates about your Asana projects and tasks.

With Asana teams can manage and organize tasks, timelines and files and chat with one another. Through the API users can be notified about news from their tasks and projects and decide from which workspaces they would like to receive those.

By integrating Asana into the Assistant's search you can easily find what you need.

Supports SSO Supports real-time notifications
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AI Trending Documents

Shows you AI-powered suggestions for documents you might find useful

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Budget Update

See how much of the quarter's budget is left.

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Goal Attainment

See how your current progress compares to your weekly, monthly and quarterly targets

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Shows you an overview of your inbox and highlights emails for your attention

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Office Welcome

Greet first time visitors with key information and local knowledge

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Project Tracker

Stay on top of projects with task notifications and check-in reminders

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