Netlify integration

Netlify integration

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Using Netlify as part of your development workflow? Then use this integration to keep a close eye on the status of your ongoing Netlify builds. Get real-time updates to your Adaptive Card whenever a build fails, making monitoring super easy and swift. Particularly for devs overseeing multiple builds, apps and sites, this list could prove invaluable to quickly pick up on a failed build – as opposed to relying on Slack or email notifications to reach you.

  • Pin Adaptive Cards displaying key Netlify data to your dashboard for a quick overview of your recent builds, deploys, and site status. With one click, delve into Netlify for comprehensive project management
  • Stay updated with notifications whenever your Netlify Cards update, ensuring that you're always aware of your project status and can act quickly on changes

Adaptive Cards for Netlify

It's easy to make your own Netlify Cards with live data from the API.

Travel Request Card from Concur Travel Request Card from Concur
Business travel request Card Business travel request Card
User profile block
Image block Image block

Once you connect the Netlify API to your adenin account, a Card with your desired data will be generated and added to your dashboard.

Making changes to this Card's layout is easy with our low-code Adaptive Card designer. Simply click on the ··· button and then Edit in Designer.

It's incredibly developer-friendly and lets you drag-and-drop new elements into your design, or adjust the visual properties by selecting any element from the preview area.

Available data sources

The Netlify API provides these 55 endpoints:

getAccountNameBuilds Netlify integration
listSites Netlify integration
getSite Netlify integration
showSiteTLSCertificate Netlify integration
Returns all environment variables for an account or site. An account corresponds to a team in the Netlify UI. To use this endpoint, your site must no longer be using the classic environment variables experience. Migrate now with the Netlify UI. Netlify integration
Returns an individual environment variable. To use this endpoint, your site must no longer be using the classic environment variables experience. Migrate now with the Netlify UI. Netlify integration
listSiteForms Netlify integration
listSiteSubmissions Netlify integration
listSiteFiles Netlify integration
listSiteAssets Netlify integration
getSiteAssetInfo Netlify integration
getSiteAssetPublicSignature Netlify integration
getSiteFileByPathName Netlify integration
listSiteSnippets Netlify integration
getSiteSnippet Netlify integration
getSiteMetadata Netlify integration
listSiteBuildHooks Netlify integration
getSiteBuildHook Netlify integration

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