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Last updated May 26 2021

Zendesk integration

With Digital Assistant's Zendesk integration, you can stay on top of your assigned tickets and provide outstanding customer service with ease.

Get a list of unassigned tickets or notifications when either a ticket was assigned to you, or when you receive a note or reply on one of your tickets. Using Zendesk's live chat functionality? You can even get priority notifications for when a customer has started a live-chat, so you can give your customers the attention they deserve.

With the AI-powered search, you can quickly and easily search and find any ticket in an instant - so you can concentrate on getting things done. You can also query Zendesk knowledge bases, and integrate this data with the Digital Assistant question-and-answer bot so you can get the answers you need across any channel or device.

Zendesk Tickets

Sample Card built with the Adaptive Cards designer, showing a list of Zendesk tickets. This Card features quick-action buttons, making it easy to perform common tasks in Zendesk directly from your Assistant.

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