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Freshservice integration

Choosey Servicedesks choose Freshservice for a fresher service.

Internal service desks are dealing with a plethora of issues all throughout the day. But by seeing a list of open items from Freshservice inside your Assistant it is easy to keep track of new issues as they come in. You can also show Freshservice data on a Dashboard for other users so they know what wait times they should expect for today.

Supports SSO Supports real-time notifications
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Goal Attainment

See how your current progress compares to your weekly, monthly and quarterly targets

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See and manage open Helpdesk cases, tickets and feedback

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Issues and Defects Tracker

At-a-glance information on open and assigned issues

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Shows you new company merchandise which is in stock and available to order

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Project Tracker

Stay on top of projects with task notifications and check-in reminders

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