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Freshdesk integration Freshdesk integration Add to Digital AssistantLast updated Jul 08 2020

Freshdesk integration

With the Freshdesk integration you can connect Digital Assistant to your Helpdesk data. This will show you a convenient Card with tickets that are either new, open or unassigned.

The integration also provides instant notifications so you receive updates whenever something is changing. This allows you directly and more quickly access your tickets, and makes it useful for both agents as well as supervising managers.

Create Freshdesk Ticket

By adding this Card to your Assistant users can seamlessly report their issues to your Helpdesk without having to go out and open a seperate support portal. All they need to do is ask their Assistant to open a new case for them, and the form will instantly pop up mid-conversation.

New Freshdesk Tickets

Easily monitor new Freshdesk tickets arriving at your helpdesk by placing this Card on your Board or asking your Assistant whether there are any new tickets. This allows you to stay up-to-date with your Helpdesk without having to constantly check your inbox.

Open Freshdesk Tickets

Pin the Open Tickets Card to your Board to keep track of your latest open tickets, or get live notifications whenever new tickets arrive. Digital Assistant makes it easy to stay on top of your Freshdesk tickets in one place, making it useful for both support agents and supervising managers.

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