Reasons for our Intranet software

When choosing an Intranet make sure you choose the most complete and modern Intranet solution that offers 100+ features out-of-the-box.

#1More features.

We have not heard of another Intranet that offers over 100 separate and fully-fledged features right out of the box. No matter if you are looking for a collaborative Social Intranet, a powerful Process Portal, an Extranet or an all encompassing Intranet Suite. In IntelliEnterprise all features are modular and it is completely up to you what you would or would not like to be part of your project.

An added benefit is that you can start with a smaller set of features in the beginning, but know you have room to grow and enrich your Intranet with plenty more features a few years down the line.

#2Quick go live.

We have developed the unique Intranet Modeler which not only allows you to quickly draft a prototype of your future Intranet which you can discuss with colleagues; your prototype can also be automatically implemented into IntelliEnterprise. So there is no need for manually creating every page and adding portlets by hand, which alone will save you hours of implementation.

#3Low total cost of ownership.

It is difficult to make a reliable point about Microsoft SharePoint's running costs, as often the license was included in enterprise agreements, and servers run regardless.

However Microsoft has disclosed that:

For every dollar customers spend on Microsoft enterprise licensing fees, they spend $8 with consultants and channel vendors customizing Microsoft’s tools or integrating other products.

With IntelliEnterprise and the easy-to-use App Designer customization is mostly done (and possible to do) by the customer, or if customization is in fact necessary then only tiny and for agreed costs.

Intranet consultancy Step Two has found that:

Even experienced SharePoint implementers, with an extensive library of internal components, often required budgets of $200,000-500,000 to deliver a standard intranet. That’s a lot of money.

We tend to agree. adenin's most expensive server license, including unlimited users and features, is just $49,900; that's up to 90% cheaper than a comparable SharePoint.

#4Innovation is our competence.

An Intranet will only be accepted across an organization if it really does help employees get their job done quicker. We have designed great and unique features that really do add productivity to your organization. For example I Want To, which allows you to create use cases with instructions and all the necessary related information so your employees no longer have to know where to find information but only what they want to do.

#5More and easy updates.

Microsoft roles out a new SharePoint version every 2-3 years, and each and every time migrating to it gives users a headache as they have to also await and test updates for all their 3rd party and customized applications. We have successfully challenged that slow pace and roll out 1-2 major upgrades to the product every year. Moreover, upgrading takes half a workday, can be done on the same machine and will certainly not cause you any headaches with your customizations. 

#6A software vendor you can trust.

What ever happened to actually listening to your customers, we wonder? At adenin, when you have a problem, there is a compassionate and family-like team that is committed to go that extra mile and listen and resolve problems, take on your ideas and perfect your solution. And with offices in the USA, the UK and Germany we also offer professional services and support around the world and around the clock.

#7Trusted by 500,000.

No matter if you have 100 or 10,000 users, IntelliEnterprise offers the scalability and flexibility to run smoothly in any environment. It runs behind your firewall and content is stored in a safe location users cannot access if they do not have the permission to do so. Around 500,000 people around the world use our software on a daily basis – now it is time for you to become one of them.