Consulting and Professional Services

Kick-start your Intranet project! With our popular packages we can help you get your Intranet off the ground quickly.

Web Consultation

Short, precise bursts of expert knowledge can help you get your Intranet project just right.

Whether you want to brainstorm a new Intranet strategy or want us to remotely train your staff – our web consultation may be just what you need!

You can set up between 1 and 10 hours of online meetings to discuss and train, taking full advantage of the knowledge and experience of an expert consultant.

We will explain IntelliEnterprise features and architecture, help solve problems with your set-up or guide you to effectively strategize and brainstorm about your future Intranet.


On request


Within 10 working days

Remote Installation

Unfamiliar with installing software in a server environment? Let our experienced engineering team do the heavy lifting.

If you are not entirely familiar with securely installing new software on your server we can do that for you. All you need is a Windows 2008 or 2012 Server that has SQL server installed. Then one of our experts will remotely install the software for you and create a report that contains details about the installation process.


$250 fixed price


Within 5 working days

Fast Track Implementation workshop

With our 5 business day on-site workshop you get from 0 to Intranet in one week!

We are committed to a high-yield ROI for your Intranet investment. As our Intranet Suite is ready-to-go and out-of-the-box, we can guarantee that your Intranet will be rolled out to your users in less than 5 business days.

Our workshop will provide you with an adenin Senior consultant at your location to help you with your IntelliEnterprise implementation and deployment. Our workshop ensures you get all the training you need for technical staff and power users.

Day 1

  • Server Installation
  • System Overview
  • Integration with ActiveDirectory or LDAP, Single Sign On (SSO) Setup
  • Basic Branding

Day 2

  • Administrator Training
  • Portlets overview
  • Definition of your site structure / Information Architecture
  • Setting up of page templates
  • Populate Intranet site for one department (e.g. HR Portal) with the use of the Intranet Modeler

Day 3

  • Editor & Publisher Training
  • Train-The-Trainers session
  • Setting up meta data categories and communities
  • Creating a section for mobile Intranet

Day 4

  • Setup of a workflow process
  • Automate a previously paper-based process by creating a web-form
  • Application Builder training
  • Dashboard Portlets Setup & Real-time Data Integration

Day 5

  • Defined by customer


On request


Within 4 weeks

Focused on-site engagements.

Take advantage of our experience in transforming one-size-fits-all into custom-tailored.

To meet specific business needs and to assist clients who wish to implement a sophisticated solution we offer a full-range of on-site consulting services including:

  • Design and branding services
  • Optimizing your intranet’s structure, navigation and taxonomy
  • Getting the most out of workflows, business process modeling
  • Reporting the right information the right way, at the right time and to the right people
  • Integration of existing applications and databases
  • Custom application development

For installations with a large user base and/or high availability requirements, we also provide infrastructure setup services including: web farms with load-balanced front ends, clustered and/or mirrored databases, as well as geographically-dispersed failover or shared-nothing configurations.

We can also provide data migration services from any system to IntelliEnterprise – whether it be a one-time event or a regular activity, as well as automated data synchronization solutions between your line of business systems and IntelliEnterprise.

No matter where your business data is stored, we can design a solution to make your data more visible, editable, usable and accountable. Depending on the licensing system used on your legacy applications, there may even be opportunities to reduce the associated running and licensing costs.

adenin Professional Services

No matter how demanding your Intranet needs are, we are persuaded that there is a solution to your problem.

With 15 years of experience in developing cutting-edge technology that helps enterprises in their communication, decision-making and process automation, adenin is the ideal partner for your organization.

Our powerful Intranet Suite IntelliEnterprise is being used by 500,000 users on a daily basis and many of our customers' success depends on the accuracy, agility and flexibility of our software. And we understand that an Intranet really must add productivity to your organization in order not to loose ground to your competition.

Our Professional Services is a team of highly experienced Senior consultants and developers who can deliver turnkey customizations to IntelliEnterprise. We have the simple solutions to the complicated problems and we are driven by the aim to demonstrate a radical growth in your organization's productivity.


$175 per hour


Within 2 weeks

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