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1. Users

How many users is this Intranet for?

Enter below how many individual employees are going to use the Intranet.

Are all licenses going to be Full users?

You can reduce the cost of the license by restricting some licenses to be Read Only users. Such users can only consume information, start workflows and leave comments; but cannot create or edit content or manage anything.

No, some licenses should be Read Only users

Select the amount of Full users

Using the input boxes below choose how many Full and Read-only licenses you require. We recommend to keep at least 15% Full users so you have enough licenses for editors, department managers, subject matter experts, etc.

Perpetual license

Pay a single, one-time fee and use the product forever.

Rental license

Pay a fee to use the product for a specified time. Always packaged with the Unlimited Support and Updates add-on.

Renewal period

How long should the term of your rental license be, before it renews? Longer terms are cheaper.

3 months
1 year
2 years
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License cost for users

Costs for add-ons

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Frequently Asked Questions

Some licensing tiers distinguish between a 'Full Use' and 'Read Only' user. A Full Use license is allowed to administer the Intranet and manage it's content, users, workflows and settings.

This type is ideal for the following functional roles in your organization: Administrators, Content Editors/Managers, Workflow and Application Designer and Workflow participating users. (Please note: Starting a workflow does not require a Full Use license).

A Read Only user can simply consume information from the Intranet and publish content on their personal homepage, in discussions, communities and comments.

We use a multi-tiered pricing structure for different sizes of deployed installations. Each tier is structured differently, taking into account the number of licensed servers, licensed users and the number of read only vs. full use users.

Please use the Pricing Calculator to find the license that fits your organization's needs.

Yes, you may purchase additional users for an existing license at any time.

The cost of the upgrade depends on which license category you have, how many and what type of users you wish to add and whether this means you are moving to a new license category. We guarantee that you only pay the difference between your new license and the purchase price of the original license.

The minimum number of additional users that you can order is 15, and then multiples of 5 thereafter (so 20, 25, etc.).

Both perpetual and rental licenses can be upgraded at any time.

Please consult your customer rep for details.

By holding a current Support & Update Subscription, you will have access to the current version of IntelliEnterprise. This includes major releases but also minor bugfixes which are released multiple times throuhgout the year.

It is the Support & Upgrade Subscription status, rather than the license, that determines which version you are authorized to use.

Changes to your license, such as upgrading the number of users, only affects the original license and has no effect on the version.

If you purchase a perpetual license without an Update & Support subscription you are elgible to free updates for 90 days after your purchase.

If you have stopped your subscription and would like to resume it now, please get in touch with your customer rep.

Rental licenses always come with the Support & Update Subscription.

Yes, we offer two main ways to qualify for discounts:

1. Nonprofit organizations: NPOs, or organizations that are not-for-profit are eligible for a 10% discount across all products and services

2. Resellers: We offer a Partner Program where resellers are eligible for discounts from their first transaction