SharePoint Online Add-in

Digital Assistant channel This is a channel which lets you embed Digital Assistant features into this app, making it easier to use.

Also available: You can create Cards to show inside Digital Assistant with data from the SharePoint API integration.

Make working together better with the Digital Assistant SharePoint Channel that is flexible and can enhance your existing Intranet experience in SharePoint. Your smart assistant works seamlessly inside of SharePoint Online and SharePoint on-premise versions.


  • Easily embed any Digital Assistant Card by installing the Digital Assistant WebPart, making it simple to display data from other business apps and sources
  • Enhance SharePoint Search by enriching results with AI-based responses directly from your Digital Assistant, for example to display results from external apps or QnA Cards managed by the Digital Assistant AI chatbot

Adding the Digital Assistant SharePoint add-in to your SharePoint installation is hassle-free and takes a matter of minutes. Once connected, you'll be able to access your Digital Assistant from anywhere within your SharePoint installation, embed Cards into your pages and groups, and see updates about files, groups, pages and more within Digital Assistant.

Ready to supercharge your SharePoint intranet with the addition of a digital workplace Assistant? Get started today and see the difference Digital Assistant can make to your workplace.

Embedding Digital Assistant Cards into SharePoint has just become better! Read the blog post to learn more.

SharePoint Online Add-in Support

Digital Assistant Web Part for SharePoint
WebPart Configurations
Cards in SharePoint Search results
Another Card in SharePoint search
Channel settings in Digital Assistant
Optional Sidebar view of all Assistant Cards

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