SharePoint Online Add-in integration
Published Jan 17 2019 Add to Digital Assistant

SharePoint Online Add-in integration

Access your Digital Assistant from inside SharePoint and embed Cards.

Bring the power of AI to your Intranet with Digital Assistant's SharePoint Online integration. You can query your Digital Assistant in two ways:

  1. Add the entire Digital Assistant PWA to your SharePoint installation as a sidebar. Users can then bring up their Assistant anytime they want or when there are new notifications.
  2. Add specific Cards as a Web Part to any SharePoint site you want. The Card has the same great functionality as the Digital Assistant web app and users can even pin Cards embedded in SharePoint to their own Boards.

Connecting Digital Assistant to your Sharepoint Online installation is hassle-free and takes a matter of minutes. Once connected, you'll be able to access your Digital Assistant from anywhere within your SharePoint installation seamlessly, and you'll also be able to see updates about files, groups, pages and more within Digital Assistant.

Digital Assistant can also be customized to blend in with your SharePoint Online installation, including colors and company branding. Embedded Cards can also be customized to create a product unique to your business.