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The most complete Intranet software

IntelliEnterprise offers over 100 out-of-the-box features in order to be fully customizable to your businesses' needs.

  • CMS Intranet

    Create, manage and distribute content of all shapes and sizes and formats to desktop and mobile users.

  • Social Intranet

    Connect people with experts. With knowledge. With documents. With policies. With each other.

  • Apps & Workflows

    Simply capture data in configurable applications that come with a multi-faceted workflow engine.

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  • Search

    Not just search, but an exploration—with custom metadata, task-based navigation and context links.

  • Digital Workplace

    Let the mobile workforce of the future land inside your Intranet today, by embedding Now Workplace.

  • Best-practice solutions

    Take one of four trusted blueprints of successful Intranets and make them fit with your organization.

Productivity for progressive organizations

A modern company Intranet that excels at content, collaboration and innovation.

It's all about the connections.

Having relevant information and more efficient business processes at your fingertips is your competitive advantage. To put you ahead of your competitors IntelliEnterprise lets you connect colleagues, suppliers, partners and customers – with the information they need, when and where they need it, using strong document and content management coupled with enterprise-strength search, web-friendly collaboration and agile business process tools.

As a company Intranet IntelliEnterprise lets you connect information as well as remote employees. The result is an environment that promotes teamwork, corporate culture, collaboration, and knowledge sharing. This complete Intranet software solution will drastically improve productivity, effectiveness as well as enable more collaboration.

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Intranet Digital Workplace Data Connections
Company Intranet example for the Digital Workplace

Mobility Portal Module

The Digital Workplace for the future — delivered today

Mobility Portal is our new app development tool that lets you design micro apps for mobile users. Use data from IntelliEnterprise or over 50 other on-premise or cloud-based APIs and databases to create quick lists, searches and workflows.

Mobility Portal also comes with the award-winning Now Assistant that highlights relevant updates to the user wherever they are – inside the Intranet at the office or on their mobile devices.

Mobility Portal marks a descent from the previous "island" character of company Intranets. Much of your information lies in multiple sources, and now you have a way to bring all this disenfranchsied data together easily, into a personalized and central stream of Cards.

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Operational excellence with proven tools

IntelliEnterprise offers over 100 out-of-the-box features in order to fully customize to your businesses' needs.

Best-practice solutions built-in.

With the unique Intranet Modeler you can take one of 4 best-practice templates to customize them to your organization's needs. The solutions were designed with knowledge of what has worked great for other company intranets, and are therefore a great starting point to cover all the essentials of a modern Intranet software.

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We know how to Intranet.

With over 15 years of experience in creating Intranets, adenin has put all its efforts towards creating an Intranet software that has innovative and smart features that will never hinder but always inform your decisions and accelerate your performance. Every customer is unique, and so will be your IntelliEnterprise; with dozens of integration interfaces, styles, features and portlets the possibilities are endless.

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Enterprise Social Network Solution
Social Intranet Solution
CRM Portal Solution

Enterprise-ready progressive architecture

Every organization is unique, so it requires Intranet software that's easily adaptable.

Digital Workplace Company Intranet

The new Mobility Portal is an awarded micro app platform that lets you create mobile apps from existing data. Connect Mobility Portal with not just your company Intranet but also over 50+ APIs and databases – on-premise or cloud. Then an easy-to-use App Designer lets you assemble lists, searches and forms with ease.

Mobility Portal also has an intelligent "Now Assistant" on-board which sends you users proactive notifications Cards whenever updates have been detected in any of the connected data.

Mobility Portal therefore extends your existing Intranet software by a modern app development framework that's embeddable into your company Intranet and transforms your organization into a Digital Workplace.

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Configure–don't code–your applications.

With our configure, don’t code approach, even non-technical staff can rapidly create their own business applications and forms. IntelliEnterprise gives you best-practice application templates for nearly every type of operation. These can be easily customized, to exactly match your specific requirements, without needing expensive customizations.

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Best-of-class integration.

We seamlessly integrate into your Windows environment with ActiveDirectory or LDAP synchronization, Single Sign On technology, with DirectEdit functionality for Microsoft Office and Outlook Web Access integration for your personal email, calendar and meeting rooms. We also can integrate any SQL, ODBC and Oracle database; and even synchronize between SQL databases.

IntelliEnterprise is designed to fully adapt to your environment, not the other way round.

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