IntelliEnterprise 15 Intranet Software

The all-round Intranet with an award-winning AI Digital Assistant

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  • Robust document management with lifecycle management
  • User-friendly HTML document editor with Direct Edit function
  • Integrations for Microsoft 365, SharePoint and many Cloud apps
  • AI Chatbot for looking up data from all the apps you already use
  • One-time license fee and on-premise installation
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Here’s everything you only get with IntelliEnterprise

Built-in enterprise notification hub

Connect your Intranet Smart Assistant to over 50 Cloud and On-premises applications that send you instant notifications so you never miss an important update

Works with

Seamless smart assistant integration into your Intranet
Create a digital workplace by pinning Cards from your enterprise apps to your intranet board

Springboard to your Digital Workplace

You can pin Cards from external sources, such as Sales, CRM or Line-of-Business apps, to any page in the Intranet. This creates a truly Digital Workplace where users can see everything they need at a glance.

Embraces task-based assistance

Whether you need to look something up, or want to fill out a form; the built-in Assistant Chatbot allows you to say what you need with just your voice; either directly in the Intranet or from other communication channels.

Available in

Chatbot for Microsoft TeamsWorks as an Alexa skillChatbot for Workplace by Facebook
Access your Assistant through the Chrome extensionChatbot for SlackWorks as a Google Assistant action
Access your smart Assistant via chatbot directly from IntelliEnterprise intranet
1-Click Direct Edit

1-Click Direct Edit

You can directly open Office documents in your desktop publishing software without the need to check out or download the document manually. This makes editing and contributing files easier than with any other Intranet.

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  • On-premise installability: Customers with advanced requirement want their Intranet behind their firewall. Download free trial 
  • Unparalleled Support: You get a dedicated Support agent who will be responsible for the success of your implementation. Free Support 
  • Value Proposition: A similar SharePoint installation can cost you 4-5x of our highest tier license. Licenses and Pricing 
  • Easy setup: You can browse our Demo Intranet and even base your own architecture based off one of our templates. Browse demo intranet