Mobile App Builder

Create micro apps with data from over 50+ sources that work seamlessly across devices.

Drag-and-Drop App Builder

Our App Builder assembles micro apps by simply adding different elements into your app, like a search box, list and buttons.

All you have to do is fill the app with your already connected data and you can layout its format.

Drag and Drop App Builder
API Logic Documentation Illustration

Deploy anywhere

The responsive-design app framework scales across mobile and desktop devices. So you only build one app that works across device sizes.

As a web-based app there is no complicated app installation process necessary. Just navigate to the app through your browser and it's there: Secure, fast, enterprise-ready.

Cloud and on-premise data

The IntelliEnterprise Apps Builder has Connectors to 50+ data sources for many cloud and on-premise sources, like Office 365, Google Apps for Work, SharePoint & many more.

All you have to do is plug in the Connector and all your data will be integrated securely into the Apps Builder.

List of all Connectors
50+ Connectors to other Apps