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IntelliEnterprise Release 14 is coming soon

Despite having celebrated it's 10th anniversary, IntelliEnterprise continues to get new and exciting features that are unique in the Intranet software space. Here is a sneak peek of things to come in Release 14.

1. “No More Boring Content” Responsive Design HTML Editor

In addition a traditional WYSIWYG HTML Editor IntelliEnterprise will receive a responsive design editor, dubbed NoMoBoCo, which is short for No More Boring Content.

The new NoMoBoCo Editor is a drag-and-drop system where the users can select from over 100+ beautiful text and image template blocks that they simply drag into the document and then change its content. It’s very intuitive to use and all content created with that new editor is automatically responsive design. This allows for it to be read on mobile devices with ease as the image and text elements are dynamically resizing based on the screen size.

Responsive Design HTML WYSIWYG Editor

2. Mobile notifications app

The digital transformation is continuously making its way into existing enterprise applications to make them smarter, more connected and help make work easier. IntelliEnterprise is no exception: It now boasts a revolutionary notifications app that works both on your desktop and mobile to show you actionable notification cards whenever an update has been detected.

Updates are collected not just from the Intranet itself, but include dozens of other popular enterprise and personal applications that your users are using. These will be all aggregated into centralized and personal Card stream that shows the user everything that is new and relevant to them.

Some Cards can be clicked to open them or have Actions that allow you to do something with them, for example starting a request or respond to a workflow decision (e.g. Approve or Decline).

Mobile Now Assistant app for the Digital Workplace Intranet

3. 50+ Integrations

IntelliEnterprise already offers integrations for many databases and select APIs for search and publishing content. But now over 50 new integrations will be added to this list. Anything from your personal Dropbox, Gmail, your Office 365 data or your organization’s Salesforce, Slack, Freshdesk, SAP, SharePoint and many more apps will now be available.

Integrations allow IntelliEnterprise to receive or aggregate notifications that will be send to users in a personalized stream. Upon clicking an item you will be redirected to that content, either inside your Intranet if available or to any other third-party external application.

Over 50 Integrations for your Intranet

4. Mobile-first Micro apps

Micro apps are a new form of portlets that you can create from scratch with the new, code-free Micro App Designer. It allows you to drag-and-drop template parts into your app, like a search box and a list, and then define what service the search should get connected to. Once you have created a Micro App you can show it either as a portlet inside IntelliEnterprise, but also the Micro App will be available as a mobile app to your users.

This makes it really easy for organization to get started on their first enterprise apps simply by creating searches, lists and forms for their mobile users using the data they already have in one or multiple enterprise applications.

The Micro App designer, like the existing App Designer, will be completely code-free and super easy to use with an intuitive drag-and-drop approach that allows you to insert various re-usable template parts into your Micro App.

Micro Apps for your Intranet


Release 14 is set to come out in Q1 2017. Beta testers can download the beta version as of today, and if you would like to become a beta tester please contact us.

Once released, the update will be made available in the adenin Extranet. The the new release will be available for free to all customers with a current support and update subscription. If you haven’t upgraded your Intranet in a while and would like to discuss upgrade options with your account manager, please contact us.

Please refer to the upgrade instructions in the Knowledge Base.

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