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Looking for the best Chrome extensions for productivity? Tabbing between countless applications when you're trying to focus can sap your energy. Never break your flow again with the Digital Assistant Chrome extension. Access all of your enterprise data and apps, wherever you are on the web with just one click in your Google Chrome toolbar.

Google Chrome plugins extend the functionality of your web browser. Want to improve your workplace productivity and get help staying focused on the task at hand? The Digital Assistant Chrome extension puts your smart assistant directly in your browser, making asking questions and performing tasks easier than ever. Create meetings, check your calendar or make a new helpdesk ticket in no time at all - with just the click of a button.

The Digital Assistant Chrome extension is designed for enterprise use. Easily connect all of your cloud and on-premise corporate data sources, and create a single point of access to all your documents, information and apps. Then simply send a query or command to the Digital Assistant chatbot and watch it happen in real-time!

  • Access all of your enterprise data and applications from anywhere on the web. Click the Digital Assistant icon in your toolbar and access your smart personal assistant instantly
  • Receive desktop push notifications from the Chrome extension as and when changes happen - whether it's an email, approval request or building security alert
  • Invoke Digital Assistant from the address bar. Get smart search suggestions directly in your browser, with results tailored specifically to you

Find everything you need to do your job without having to break your flow with the Digital Assistant Chrome extension. Hassle free and easy to install - get started today and see the difference Digital Assistant can make to your workplace.

Digital Assistant Chrome extension

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