Chrome extension integration
Published Jan 16 2019 Add to Digital Assistant

Chrome extension integration

All of Digital Assistant – right from your Chrome address bar.

Access all of your enterprise data, wherever you are on the web. Digital Assistant's Chrome extension makes smart work simple.

  • Access all of your enterprise data and applications from anywhere on the web. Click the Digital Assistant icon in your toolbar and access your smart personal assistant instantly, without having to stop what you're doing.
  • Digital Assistant makes staying on top of your day simple. Receive desktop push notifications from the Chrome extension as and when changes happen - whether it's an email, approval request or building security alert.
  • Using the "Now" wake word, you can invoke Digital Assistant from the address bar. Get smart search suggestions directly in your browser, with results tailored specifically to you. Finding what you need has never been easier.

Change the way you work with the Digital Assistant Chrome Extension. Find everything you need to do your job without having to break your flow with the Digital Assistant Chrome extension. Receive desktop push notifications, ask questions and receive AI powered answers directly from your browser, whatever you're doing. Hassle free and easy to install - get started today and see the difference Digital Assistant can make to your workplace.

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