Events Card

Shows you all online meetings that are detected in your agenda for the day.

The Events Card is a clever new way to see what’s important in your calendar at a glance. Most users already receive a notification when an event approaches on their desktop, phone and sometimes even their smart watch. We did not want to add to this noise by simply recreating this experience: Instead we picked on something most calendar don’t really cater to currently. And that is online meetings. You never know when your next meeting is and then every time it's a struggle to start it.

This Card will scan your calendar events for the day for online meetings and extract valuable details like the host’s name, attendance status and the link to start the meeting.

Provides notifications Pin to Board What's the difference?
Sentences users might say Can I customize that?
What’s on my agenda for today? Show me my online meetings. What are today’s meetings for me? When is my next online meeting.
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