Mail Card

Shows you an overview of your inbox and highlights emails for your attention

The Mail Card shows you a detailed overview of your inbox tailored to you. The AI highlights points of interest for you based on your role, and uses information from your calendar and project tracking applications to highlight emails that need attention.

This Card makes it much easier to keep track of a busy inbox by cutting through the noise. Never lose an important email from your client again and keep on top of tasks in flagged emails - the Mail Card makes being productive easier than ever.

Click on an email to open it in your email application, or reply to important emails directly from Digital Assistant by clicking on the reply button in the Card.

Provides notifications Pin to Board What's the difference?
Sentences users might say Can I customize that?
Do I have any urgent emails? How many unread emails do I have? Is there anything I need to do before my first meeting today? Did my customer email me this week?
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