Facebook Messenger integration

Conveniently access Digital Assistant inside Facebook Messenger

Interested in creating a Facebook chatbot? Facebook Messenger bots for business can provide a twofold benefit to your organization - as a customer facing solution, and as an individually accessible smart workplace assistant for every employee.

Facebook Messenger chatbots one of the most effective ways to connect with customers. On top of that, many employees will already use Facebook Messenger - so they can take advantage of their smart assistant wherever they are.

Need to quickly check something from work? The Digital Assistant Facebook Messenger bot makes it easy to securely access work information via Facebook Messenger. By creating a publicly available Messenger bot for Facebook Messenger, existing users of your organization's Digital Assistant can simply log in to and interact with their personal smart assistant from their Messenger app.

Want to use Digital Assistant as a customer facing solution? With it's built in machine learning system, you can train the Digital Assistant AI with utterances and relevant information. Your Facebook Messenger chatbot can then respond to questions from potential customers on your business page.

Ready to improve your customer and employee experience, all in one go? It's quick and easy to add the Digital Assistant Facebook Messenger chatbot to your business Facebook page. Get started today and see the difference Digital Assistant can make.